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Mobile devices are increasingly popular and diverse, with worldwide sales approaching 1.6 billion units, just last year. As “convergent” devices, smartphones empower their owners with Internet access, music, audio and video playback and recording, navigation and other communication capabilities (phone calls, SMS, MMS, etc.) In addition to the benefits for end users, researchers and developers can also benefit from the powerful devices that participants potentially carry on a daily basis.

Researchers can use smartphones and develop applications to collect a variety of sensed data, such as that from accelerometers, GPS, network usage, and application usage. In this workshop, we bring together researchers who take advantage of the proliferation of mobile devices and use them as instruments for research on ubiquitous computing. We are especially interested in the mobile devices, systems, applications, methods and tools that were built to explore such rich datasets. More so, we want researchers to share their experiences, successes and frustrations on conducting research in such power and processing constrained devices in order to capture a state-of-art on theories, models, methodologies and tools that cope with these challenges.

Topics of interest

Relevant topic areas for workshop papers include, but are not limited to:
  • Devices & techniques: descriptions of the design, architecture, usage and evaluation of mobile devices and techniques that create valuable new capabilities for ubiquitous computing;
  • Systems & infrastructures: descriptions of the design, architecture, deployment and evaluation of mobile systems and infrastructures that support ubiquitous computing;
  • Applications: descriptions of the design and/or study of mobile applications that leverage Ubicomp devices and systems.
  • Methodologies & tools: new methods and tools applied to studying or building mobile Ubicomp systems and applications;
  • Theories & models: critical analysis or organizing theory with clear relevance to the design or study of mobile Ubicomp systems;
  • Experiences: empirical investigations of the use of new or existing mobile Ubicomp technologies with clear relevance to the design and deployment of future mobile Ubicomp systems;

Goals and expected audience

The goal of the workshop is to gather a community that focuses in instrumenting mobile devices for ubiquitous applications. We invite researchers and industry with research interests and areas of expertise that are in, but not restricted to, ubiquitous technologies, mobile computation, mobile interaction, mobile prototyping and mobile user studies.

All accepted papers will be included into the ACM Digital Library and the conference Adjunct Proceedings.

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